Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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Appendix A    
Select the first or last item:  Control–Up Arrow or Control–Down Arrow
Double-tap to activate the selected item:  Up Arrow–Down Arrow
Scroll up, down, left, or right:  Option–Up Arrow, Option–Down Arrow, Option–Left Arrow, or 
Option–Right Arrow
Adjust the rotor:  Up Arrow–Left Arrow or Up Arrow–Right Arrow
You can also use the number keys on an Apple Wireless Keyboard to dial a phone number in 
Phone or enter numbers in Calculator.
Single-key Quick Nav for web browsing
When you view a webpage with Quick Nav on, you can use the following keys on the keyboard 
to navigate the page quickly. Typing the key moves to the next item of the indicated type. To 
move to the previous item, hold the Shift key as you type the letter.
Heading:  H
Link:  L
Text field:  R
Button:  B
Form control:  C
Image:  I
Table:  T
Static text:  S
ARIA landmark:  W
List:  X
Item of the same type:  M
Level 1 heading:  1
Level 2 heading:  2
Level 3 heading:  3
Level 4 heading:  4
Level 5 heading:  5
Level 6 heading:  6
Text editing
Use these commands (with Quick Nav turned off) to work with text. VoiceOver reads the text as 
you move the insertion point.
Go forward or back one character:  Right Arrow or Left Arrow
Go forward or back one word:  Option–Right Arrow or Option–Left Arrow
Go up or down one line:  Up Arrow or Down Arrow
Go to the beginning or end of the line:  Command–Left Arrow or Command–Down Arrow
Go to the beginning or end of the paragraph:  Option–Up Arrow or Option–Down Arrow
Go to the previous or next paragraph:  Option–Up Arrow or Option–Down Arrow
Go to the top or bottom of the text field:  Command–Up Arrow or Command–Down Arrow
Select text as you move:  Shift + any of the insertion point movement commands above
Select all text:  Command–A
Copy, cut, or paste the selected text:  Command–C, Command–X, or Command–V
Undo or redo last change:  Command–Z or Shift–Command–Z
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