Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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Appendix A    
Turn on Guided Access. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access, where you can:
Turn Guided Access on or off
Set a passcode that controls the use of Guided Access and prevents someone from leaving  
a session
Set whether other accessibility shortcuts are available during a session
Start a Guided Access session. Open the app you want to run, then triple-click the Home button. 
Adjust settings for the session, then click Start.
Disable app controls and areas of the app screen:  Circle any part of the screen you want to 
disable. Use the handles to adjust the area.
Enable the Sleep/Wake or Volume buttons:  Tap Options and turn on the buttons.
Ignore all screen touches:  Turn off Touch.
Keep iPhone from switching from portrait to landscape or from responding to any other motions:  
Turn off Motion.
End a Guided Access session. Triple-click the Home button, enter the Guided Access passcode, 
and tap End.
Switch Control
Switch Control lets you control iPhone using a single switch or multiple switches. Use any of 
several methods to perform actions such as selecting, tapping, dragging, typing, and even  
free-hand drawing. The basic technique is to use a switch to select an item or location on the 
screen, and then use the same (or different) switch to choose an action to perform on that item 
or location. Three basic methods are:
Item scanning (default), which highlights different items on the screen until you select one.
Point scanning, which lets you use scanning crosshairs to pick a screen location.
Manual selection, which lets you move from item to item on demand (requires multiple 
Whichever method you use, when you select an individual item (rather than a group), a menu 
appears so you can choose how to act on the selected item (tap, drag, or pinch, for example).
If you use multiple switches, you can set up each switch to perform a specific action and 
customize your item selection method. For example, instead of automatically scanning screen 
items, you can set up switches to move to the next or previous item on demand.
You can adjust the behavior of Switch Control in a variety of ways, to suit your specific needs 
and style.
Add a switch and turn on Switch Control
You can use any of these as a switch:
An external adaptive switch. Choose from a variety of popular USB or Bluetooth switches.
The iPhone screen. Tap on the screen to trigger the switch.
The iPhone FaceTime camera. Move your head to trigger the switch. You can use the camera as 
two switches; one when you move your head to the left, and the other when you move your 
head to the right.
Add a switch and choose its action. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Switch Control > 
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