Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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Chapter  2    
Getting Started 
Tips for syncing with iTunes on your computer
Connect iPhone to your computer, select it in iTunes, and set options in the different panes.
In the Summary pane, you can set iTunes to automatically sync iPhone when it’s attached to 
your computer. To temporarily override this setting, hold down Command and Option (Mac) or 
Shift and Control (PC) until you see iPhone appear in the iTunes window.
In the Summary pane, select “Encrypt iPhone backup” if you want to encrypt the information 
stored on your computer when iTunes makes a backup. Encrypted backups are indicated by a 
lock icon  , and a password is required in order to restore the backup. If you don’t select this 
option, other passwords (such as those for mail accounts) aren’t included in the backup and 
you’ll have to reenter them if you use the backup to restore iPhone.
In the Info pane, when you sync mail accounts, only the settings are transferred from your 
computer to iPhone. Changes you make to a mail account on iPhone don’t affect the account 
on your computer.
In the Info pane, click Advanced to select options that let you replace the information on 
iPhone with the information from your computer during the next sync.
In the Photo pane, you can sync photos and videos from a folder on your computer.
If you use iCloud to store your contacts, calendars, and bookmarks, don’t also sync them to 
iPhone using iTunes.
Date and time
The date and time are usually set for you based on your location—take a look at the Lock screen 
to see if they’re correct. 
Set whether iPhone updates the date and time automatically. Go to Settings > General >  
Date & Time, then turn Set Automatically on or off. If you set iPhone to update the time 
automatically, it gets the correct time over the cellular network and updates it for the time zone 
you’re in. Some carriers don’t support network time, so in some areas iPhone may not be able  
to automatically determine the local time.
Set the date and time manually. Go to Settings > General > Date & Time, then turn off  
Set Automatically. 
Set whether iPhone shows 24-hour time or 12-hour time. Go to Settings > General >  
Date & Time, then turn 24-Hour Time on or off. (24-Hour Time may not be available in all areas.)
International settings
Go to Settings > General > International to set the following:
The language for iPhone
The language for Voice Control
The keyboards you use
The region format (date, time, and telephone number)
The calendar format
Your iPhone name
The name of your iPhone is used by both iTunes and iCloud.
Change the name of your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > About > Name.
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