Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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Chapter  3    
iPhone lets you run many apps at the same time.
View your running apps. Double-click the Home button to reveal the multitasking display. Swipe 
left or right to see more. To switch to another app, tap it.
Close an app. If an app isn’t working properly, you can force it to quit. Drag the app up from the 
multitasking display. Then try opening the app again.
If you have lots of apps, you can use Spotlight to find and open them. Pull down the center of 
the Home screen to see the search field. See 
 on page 30.
Look around
Drag a list up or down to see more. Swipe to scroll quickly; touch the screen to stop it. Some lists 
have an index—tap a letter to jump ahead.
Drag a photo, map, or webpage in any direction to see more.
To quickly jump to the top of a page, tap the status bar at the top of the screen.
Get a closer look
Stretch a photo, webpage, or map for a close-up—then pinch to zoom back out. In Photos, keep 
pinching to see the collection or album the photo’s in.
Or double-tap a photo or webpage to zoom in, and double-tap again to zoom out. In Maps, 
double-tap to zoom in and tap once with two fingers to zoom out. 
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