Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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Chapter  3    
For example, in the United States, iPhone 4s or later can receive presidential alerts and you can 
turn AMBER and Emergency Alerts (which includes both Severe and Extreme Imminent Threat 
alerts) on or off (they’re on by default). In Japan, iPhone can receive Emergency Earthquake 
Alerts from the Japan Meteorological Agency. Government alerts vary by carrier and iPhone 
model, and may not work under all conditions.
Close Notification Center. Swipe up, or press the Home button. 
Sounds and silence
You can change or turn off the sounds iPhone plays when you get a call, text, voicemail, email, 
tweet, Facebook post, reminder, or other event. 
Set sound options. Go to Settings > Sounds for options such as ringtones and alert tones, 
vibration settings and patterns, and ringer and alert volumes.
Set vibration patterns. Go to Settings > Sounds and choose an item from the Sounds and 
Vibration Patterns list. Tap Vibration to select a pattern or create your own. 
If you want to temporarily silence incoming calls, alerts, and sound effects, see the following 
section and 
 on page 12.
Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb is an easy way to silence iPhone, whether you’re going to dinner or to sleep. It 
keeps calls and alerts from making any sounds or lighting up the screen. 
Turn on Do Not Disturb. Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to open Control Center, 
then tap  . When Do Not Disturb is on,   appears in the status bar.
Note:  Alarms still sound, even when Do Not Disturb is on. To make sure iPhone stays silent, turn 
it off.
Configure Do Not Disturb. Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb.
You can schedule quiet hours, allow calls from your Favorites or groups of contacts, and allow 
repeated calls to ring through for those emergency situations. You can also set whether Do Not 
Disturb silences iPhone only when it’s locked, or even when it’s unlocked.
AirDrop, iCloud, and other ways to share
In many apps, you can tap Share or   to see sharing and other options. The options vary 
depending on the app you’re using.
Tap to share with 
a nearby friend 
using AirDrop.
Tap to share with 
a nearby friend 
using AirDrop.