Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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Chapter  3    
Turn off access to private information. Go to Settings > Privacy. You can see which apps and 
features have requested and been granted access to the following information:
Bluetooth Sharing
You can turn off each app’s access to each category of information. Review the terms and privacy 
policy for each third-party app to understand how it uses the data it’s requesting.
Security features help protect the information on your iPhone from being accessed by others.
Use a passcode with data protection
For better security, you can set a passcode that must be entered each time you turn on or wake 
up iPhone.
Set a passcode. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode (iPhone 5s) or Settings > Passcode (other 
models), and set a 4-digit passcode. 
Setting a passcode turns on data protection, using your passcode as a key to encrypt Mail 
messages and attachments stored on iPhone, using 256-bit AES encryption. (Other apps may 
also use data protection.)
Increase security. Turn off Simple Passcode and use a longer passcode. To enter a passcode that’s 
a combination of numbers and letters, you use the keyboard. If you prefer to unlock iPhone using 
the numeric keypad, create a passcode using numbers only.
Add fingerprints and set options for the Touch ID sensor. (iPhone 5s) Go to Settings > Touch ID 
& Passcode. See 
, below.
Allow access to features when iPhone is locked. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode 
(iPhone 5s) or Settings > Passcode (other models). Optional features include:
Voice Dial
Siri (if enabled, see 
 on page 43)
Passbook (see Chapter 24, 
, on page 106)
Reply with Message (see 
 on page 45)
Allow access to Control Center when iPhone is locked. Go to Settings > Control Center. See 
 on page 30.
Erase data after ten failed passcode attempts. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode (iPhone 5s) 
or Settings > Passcode (other models), then tap Erase Data. After ten failed passcode attempts, all 
settings are reset, and all your information and media are erased by removing the encryption key 
to the data.
If you forget your passcode, you must restore the iPhone software. See 
page 157.