Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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Phone calls
Make a call
Making a call on iPhone is as simple as choosing a number in your contacts, or tapping one of 
your favorites or recent calls. Or just ask Siri to “call Bob Jones.”
For important information about avoiding distractions while on a call, see 
 on page 151. 
Add favorites. With Favorites, you can make a call with a single tap. To add someone to your 
Favorites list, tap  . You can also add names to Favorites from Contacts. In Contacts, tap Add to 
Favorites at the bottom of a card, and tap the number to add. 
Delete a name or rearrange your Favorites list. Tap Edit.
Return a recent call. Tap Recents, then tap the call. Tap   to get more info about the call, or the 
caller. A red badge indicates the number of missed calls.
Dial manually. Tap Keypad, enter the number, then tap Call.
Paste a number to the keypad:  Tap the screen above the keyboard, then tap Paste.
Enter a soft (2-second) pause:  Touch the “*” key until a comma appears.
Enter a hard pause (to pause dialing until you tap the Dial button):  Touch the “#” key until a 
semicolon appears.
Redial the last number:  Tap Keypad, tap Call to display the number, then tap Call again.
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