Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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Chapter  10    
Share iCloud calendars
You can share an iCloud calendar with other iCloud users. When you share a calendar, others can 
see it, and you can let them add or change events. You can also share a read-only version that 
anyone can subscribe to.
Create an iCloud calendar. Tap Calendars, tap Edit, then tap Add Calendar in the iCloud section.
Share an iCloud calendar. Tap Calendars, tap Edit, then tap the iCloud calendar you want to 
share. Tap Add Person and enter a name, or tap   to browse your Contacts. Those you invite 
receive an email invitation to join the calendar, but they need an iCloud account in order 
to accept.
Change a person’s access to a shared calendar. Tap Calendars, tap Edit, tap the shared calendar, 
then tap the person. You can turn off their ability to edit the calendar, resend the invitation to 
join the calendar, or stop sharing the calendar with them.
Turn off notifications for shared calendars. When someone modifies a shared calendar, you’re 
notified of the change. To turn off notifications for shared calendars, go to Settings > Mail, 
Contacts, Calendars > Shared Calendar Alerts.
Share a read-only calendar with anyone. Tap Calendars, tap Edit, then tap the iCloud calendar 
you want to share. Turn on Public Calendar, then tap Share Link to copy or send the URL for your 
calendar. Anyone can use the URL to subscribe to the calendar using a compatible app, such as 
Calendar for OS X. 
Calendar settings
Several settings in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars affect Calendar and your calendar 
accounts. These include:
Syncing of past events (future events are always synced)
Alert tone played for new meeting invitations
Default calendar for new events
Default time for alerts
Time zone support, to show dates and times using a different time zone
Which day starts the week
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