Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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Chapter  11    
While viewing a photo or video, tap to show and hide the controls. Swipe left or right to go 
forward or backward.
Zoom in or out. Double-tap, or pinch and stretch a photo. When you zoom in, you can drag to 
see other parts of the photo.
Play a video. Tap  . To toggle between full-screen and fit-to-screen, double-tap the display.
Play a slideshow. While viewing a photo, tap  , then tap Slideshow. Select options, then tap 
Start Slideshow. To stop the slideshow, tap the screen. To set other slideshow options, go to 
Settings > Photos & Camera.
To stream a slideshow or video to a TV, see 
 on page 34.
Organize your photos and videos
Create a new album. Tap Albums, tap  , enter a name, then tap Save. Select photos and videos 
to add to the album, then tap Done.
Note:  Albums created on iPhone aren’t synced back to your computer.
Add items to an existing album. While viewing thumbnails, tap Select, select items, tap Add To, 
then select the album.
Manage albums. While viewing your album list, tap Edit.
Rename an album:  Select the album, then enter a new name.
Rearrange albums:  Drag 
Delete an album:  Tap  .
Only albums created on iPhone can be renamed or deleted.
iCloud Photo Sharing
Share streams of photos and videos with people you choose. Friends you’ve chosen who have an 
iCloud account—and iOS 6 or later or OS X Mountain Lion or later—can join your stream, view 
the photos you add, and leave comments. If they have iOS 7 or OS X Mavericks, they can add 
their own photos and videos to the stream. You can also publish your stream to a public website 
for anyone to view.
Note:  iCloud Photo Sharing works over both Wi-Fi and cellular networks. Cellular data charges 
may apply. See 
 on page 155.
Turn on iCloud Photo Sharing. Go to Settings > iCloud > Photos.
Create a shared stream. While viewing a photo or video, or when you’ve selected multiple 
photos or videos, tap  , tap iCloud, tap Stream, then tap New Shared Stream. You can invite 
people to view your stream using their email address or the mobile phone number they use 
for iMessage.
Enable a public website. Select the shared stream, tap People, then turn on Public Website. Tap 
Share Link if you want to announce the site.
Add items to a shared stream. View a shared stream, tap  , select items, then tap Done. You can 
add a comment, then tap Post. You can also add items to a shared stream when you’re viewing 
photos or albums. Tap  , tap iCloud, tap Stream, then select the shared stream or create a new one. 
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