Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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Chapter  12    
Set the slow-motion section of a video. Tap the thumbnail, then use the vertical bars beneath 
the frame viewer to set the section you want to play back in slow motion.
Slide to adjust the slow-motion 
section of the video.
Slide to adjust the slow-motion 
section of the video.
Zoom in or out. (iSight camera) Stretch or pinch the image on the screen. For iPhone 5 or later, 
zoom works in video mode as well as photo mode.
If Location Services is turned on, photos and videos are tagged with location data that can be 
used by apps and photo-sharing websites. See 
 on page 36.
Want to capture what’s displayed on your screen? Simultaneously press and release the  
Sleep/Wake and Home buttons. The screenshot is added to your Camera Roll.
You can edit photos and trim videos, right on iPhone. See 
page 77.
HDR (“high dynamic range”) helps you get great shots, even in high-contrast situations. The best 
parts of three quick shots, taken at different exposures (long, normal, and short), are blended 
together into a single photo.
Use HDR. (iSight cameras and iPhone 5s FaceTime camera) Tap the HDR button at the top of  
the screen. For best results, keep both iPhone and the subject still. (The flash is turned off for 
HDR shots.)
On iPhone 5s, you can choose HDR Auto and iPhone will use HDR when it’s most effective.
Keep the normal photo in addition to the HDR version. Go to Settings > Photos and Camera.
HDR versions of photos in your Camera Roll are marked with “HDR” in the corner.
View, share, and print
Photos and videos you take are saved in your Camera Roll. With Photo Stream, new photos also 
appear in your photo stream on iPhone and your other iOS devices and computers. See 
 on page 75.
View your Camera Roll. Tap the thumbnail image, then swipe left or right. You can also view your 
Camera Roll in the Photos app.
Tap the screen to show or hide the controls. 
Get sharing and printing options. Tap  . See 
page 32.
Upload photos and videos to your computer. Connect iPhone to your computer to upload 
items to iPhoto or another supported application on your Mac or PC. If you delete photos or 
videos in the process, they’re removed from your Camera Roll album.
Sync photos and videos to iPhone from your Mac. Use the Photos settings pane in iTunes. See 
 on page 18.
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