Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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Chapter  15    
Landmark (“guggenheim”)
Zip code
Business (“movies,” “restaurants san francisco ca,” “apple inc new york”)
Or if Maps guesses where you’re headed while you’re entering a search, tap that location in the 
list below the search field.
Find the location of a contact, or of a bookmarked or recent search. Tap  .
Choose your view. Tap  , then choose Standard, Hybrid, or Satellite.
Manually mark a location. Touch and hold the map until the dropped pin appears.
Get more info
Get info about a location. Tap a pin to display its banner, then tap  . Info might include Yelp 
reviews and photos, a phone number (tap to call it), a webpage link, directions, and more.
Tap Share to share the location. See 
 on page 32.
Get directions
Get driving directions. Tap  , tap  , enter the starting and ending locations, then tap Route. Or 
choose a location or a route from the list, if available. If multiple routes appear, tap the one you 
want to take. Tap Start to begin.
Hear turn-by-turn directions:  (iPhone 4s or later) Tap Start.
Maps follows your progress and speaks turn-by-turn directions to your destination. To show or 
hide the controls, tap the screen.
If iPhone auto-locks, Maps stays onscreen and continues to announce instructions. You can 
also open another app and continue to get turn-by-turn directions. To return to Maps, tap the 
banner across the top of the screen.
With turn-by-turn directions, night mode automatically adjusts the screen image for easier 
viewing at night.
View turn-by-turn directions:  (iPhone 4) Tap Start, then swipe left to see the next instruction.
See the route overview:  Tap Overview.
View the directions as a list:  Tap 
Stop turn-by-turn directions:  Tap End.
Get directions from your current location. Tap   on the banner of your destination. If you’re a 
walker, set your directions preference to Walking in Settings > Maps.
Get walking directions. Tap  , then tap  . Enter the starting and ending locations, then tap 
Route. Or choose a location or a route from the list, if available. Tap Start, then swipe left to see 
the next instruction. 
Get public transit directions. Tap  , then tap  . Enter the starting and ending locations, then 
tap Route. Or choose a location or a route from the list, if available. Download and open the 
routing apps for the transit services you want to use.
Find out about traffic conditions. Tap  , then tap Show Traffic. Orange dots show slowdowns, 
and red dots show stop-and-go traffic. To see an incident report, tap a marker.
Report a problem. Tap  , then tap Report a Problem.
Report Bug