Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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Chapter  16    
Add videos to your library
Buy or rent videos on the iTunes Store. Tap Store in the Videos app, or open the iTunes Store 
app on iPhone and tap Videos. See Chapter 22, 
, on page 101. Videos you purchase 
using your iTunes account are available in Videos on iPhone, no matter which iOS device or 
computer you use to purchase them. The iTunes Store is not available in all areas.
Transfer videos from your computer. Connect iPhone, then sync videos from iTunes on your 
computer. See 
 on page 18.
Stream videos from your computer. Turn on Home Sharing in iTunes on your computer. Then, 
on iPhone, go to Settings > Videos and enter the Apple ID and password you used to set up 
Home Sharing on your computer. Then open Videos on iPhone and tap Shared at the top of the 
list of videos.
Convert a video to work with iPhone. If you try to sync a video from iTunes to iPhone and a 
message says the video can’t play on iPhone, you can convert the video. Select the video in your 
iTunes library and choose File > Create New Version > “Create iPod or iPhone Version.” Then sync 
the converted video to iPhone.
Delete a video. Tap Edit in the upper right of your collection. To delete an individual episode of a 
series, swipe left on the episode in the Episodes list. Deleting a video (other than a rented movie) 
from iPhone doesn’t delete it from the iTunes library on your computer, and you can sync the 
video back to iPhone later. If you don’t want to sync the video back to iPhone, set iTunes to not 
sync the video. See 
 on page 18.
If you delete a rented movie from iPhone, it’s deleted permanently and cannot be 
transferred back to your computer.
Control playback
Watch on a TV 
with Apple TV.
Watch on a TV 
with Apple TV.
Tap to show or 
hide the controls.
Tap to show or 
hide the controls.
Drag to skip
forward or back.
Drag to skip
forward or back.
Drag to adjust
the volume.
Drag to adjust
the volume.
Scale the video to fill the screen or fit to the screen. Tap   or  . Or double-tap the video, to 
scale without showing the controls. If you don’t see the scaling controls, your video already fits 
the screen perfectly.
Start over from the beginning. If the video contains chapters, drag the playhead along the 
scrubber bar all the way to the left. If there are no chapters, tap  .
Skip to the next or previous chapter. Tap   or  . You can also press the center button or 
equivalent on a compatible headset two times (skip to next) or three times (skip to previous).
Rewind or fast-forward. Touch and hold   or  .
Select a different audio language. If the video offers other languages, tap  , then choose a 
language from the Audio list.
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