Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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Chapter  18    
Scheduled reminders
Scheduled reminders notify you when they’re due.
See all scheduled reminders. Tap   to show the Scheduled list.
Don’t bother me now. You can turn off Reminder notifications in Settings > Notifications. To 
silence notifications temporarily, turn on Do Not Disturb.
Location reminders
Adjust the 
Adjust the 
Find an address.
Find an address.
Be reminded when you arrive or leave a location. While editing a reminder, tap  , then turn on 
“Remind me at a location.” Tap Location, then choose a location from the list, or enter an address. 
After you define a location, you can drag to change the size of the geofence on the map, which 
sets the approximate distance at which you want to be reminded. You can’t save a location 
reminder in Outlook or Microsoft Exchange calendars.
Add common locations to your address card. When you set a location reminder, locations in the 
list include addresses from your personal info card in Contacts. Add your work, home, and other 
favorite addresses to your card for easy access in Reminders.
Reminders settings
Go to Settings > Reminders, where you can:
Set a default list for new reminders
Sync past reminders
Keep your reminders up to date on other devices. Go to Settings > iCloud and turn on 
Reminders. To keep up to date with Reminders on OS X, turn on iCloud on your Mac too.  
Some other types of accounts, such as Exchange, also support Reminders. Go to Settings >  
Mail, Contacts, Calendars and turn on Reminders for the accounts you want to use.
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