Apple ME323LL/A User Manual

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Chapter  20    
Game Center 
Play games with friends
Invite friends to a multiplayer game. Tap Friends, choose a friend, choose a game, then tap 
Play. If the game allows or requires more players, choose the players, then tap Next. Send your 
invitation, then wait for the others to accept. When everyone’s ready, start the game. If a friend 
isn’t available or doesn’t respond, you can tap Auto-Match to have Game Center find another 
player for you, or tap Invite Friend to invite someone else.
Send a friend request. Tap Friends, tap  , then enter your friend’s email address or Game Center 
nickname. To browse your contacts, tap  . (To add several friends in one request, type Return 
after each address.) Or, tap any player you see anywhere in Game Center.
Challenge someone to outdo you. Tap one of your scores or achievements, then tap 
Challenge Friends.
What are your friends playing and how are they doing? Tap Friends, tap your friend’s name, 
then tap the Games or Points bubble.
Want to purchase a game your friend has? Tap Friends, then tap your friend’s name. Tap the 
game in your friend’s game list, then tap 
 in the upper right.
Make new friends. To see a list of your friend’s friends, tap Friends, tap your friend’s name, then 
tap their Friends bubble.
Unfriend a friend. Tap Friends, tap the friend’s name, then tap 
 in the upper right.
Keep your email address private. Turn off Public Profile in your Game Center account settings. 
 on page 99 below.
Turn off multiplayer activity or friend requests. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions. If the 
switches are grayed, first tap Enable Restrictions at the top.
Keep it friendly. To report offensive or inappropriate behavior, tap Friends, tap the person’s name, 
 in the upper right, then tap Report a Problem.
Game Center settings
Go to Settings > Game Center, where you can:
Sign out (tap your Apple ID)
Allow invites
Let nearby players find you
Edit your Game Center profile (tap your nickname)
Get friend recommendations from Contacts or Facebook
Specify which notifications you want for Game Center. Go to Settings > Notification Center > 
Game Center. If Game Center doesn’t appear, turn on Notifications.
Change restrictions for Game Center. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions.
Report Bug