Thermalright MUX-120 Leaflet

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Single Fan
Double Fan
Apply the anti-vibration strips to each side of 
Step 6:Fan Installation
Double-fan Installation:
Step 1:Accessory Installation
heatsink. Insert each end of the fan wire into 
the designated holes on the heatsink.
Place the 12 cm fan next to the heatsink. Pull on fan wire clips 
to hook into fan mounting holes. Plug in fan for power.
Installation completed.
To install a second fan, simply follow the fan installation guide on 
the other side of the cooler to make for a push-pull airflow.
Step 3:Thermal Paste Application
Apply a thin evenly spread out layer of 
thermal paste to the CPU and to the bottom
of the heatsink base.
Step 2:Bracket Mount Installation
Use the four M3x0.5 screws to secure the 
Step 4:Slide the mounting plate through 
Step 5:Place the heatsink on top of CPU and 
1156 bracket mount to the 1156 backplate
with the motherboard in between.
between the heatpipes and place it in the
dimple on top of the heatsink base.
secure in place by tightening on the spring loaded
Step 6: