Sony Portable Media Storage User Manual

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Emergency Tape Removal Procedure
Remove the drive from the chassis or enclosure to allow
access to the bottom and right side of the drive.
Remove the drive’s top cover.
Locate the small opening in the bottom of the drive and
insert the tip of a precision screwdriver so that the Threading
motor shaft can be rotated.
Rotate the motor shaft counterclockwise to bring the
threading mechanism back to the initial position. (Refer to
the photo-1 on page 19.)
Before manual eject procedure, tape slack must be removed
in order to prevent tape damage.  Press and rotate the gear
mechanism located on the right side of the drive clockwise to
tighten the tape.
After the tape slack has been removed, turn the screw
located on the right side of the drive clockwise by a precision
screwdriver until the tape cartridge is lifted out of the drive
mechanism and is ejected.