Sony Portable Media Storage User Manual

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Avoid placing the drive in a location subject to:
– high humidity
– high temperature
– mechanical shock and vibration
– direct sunlight
• Do not move the drive while it is operating.  It may cause malfunction.
• Avoid exposing the drive to sudden changes from a low to high in
temperature.  This may cause water condensation to collect inside the
drive.  If the ambient temperature should suddenly rise while the drive is
turned on , wait at least one hour before turning on the drive.  If you
attempt to operate the drive immediately after a sudden increase in
temperature, a malfunction may occur.
• Turning off the power to the drive while it is writing to tape may cause
the tape to become unreadable.  All previously negotiated parameters will
be lost, whenever power to the drive is cycled.
• Keep the original packing materials to facilitate transportation of the
• Always remove the tape before moving the drive.  After removing the
drive from the computer, repack the drive into its original packing.