Panasonic AV Speaker User Manual

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AV Speaker
High quality
High quality
Saving space
Saving resource
Saving space
Saving resource
Comfortable sound space
Environment response
Green products
Requirements for speakers – Audio Visual
Titanium dome-
shaped speaker
Sound window
Built-in woofer box 
External speaker 
Sound slim
SD stereo system
Speaker system for home theater
PP mica graphite woofer
5.1ch speaker system
Hi-Fi speaker
Dome tweeter with 
ring shaped
Rear speaker
Rear speaker
Front speaker
Center speaker
Portable MD player
Portable MD player
Flat TV
Technology for slim
Technology for set space-
saving use
Technology for high-power
Technology for wide 
  frequency range
Technology for small 
diameter, compact, thin
 Design and performance become custom-made correspondence.
  Please ask the nearby window of our company about demand of a sample and specifi cations.
Caution : For custom-made product, the die and mold expenses occur separately.
Design and specifi cations are each subject to change without notice.  Ask factory for the current technical specifi cations before purchase and/or use.
Should a safety concern arise regarding this product, please be sure to contact us immediately.
Jan. 2006