Vivid Audio V1w User Manual

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Owner’s Guide 
V1p and V1w loudspeaker 
Read these instructions that contain important information about the 
safe use, installation and maintenance of this loudspeaker. 
•  Unpack the loudspeaker following the instruction sheet attached to the 
shipping crate. The method is also described below. Check for 
damage. Keep potentially hazardous packaging (plastic bags, 
polystyrene etc.) out of reach of children. 
•  Dispose of packaging in compliance with current waste disposal 
•  This loudspeaker must only be used for the purpose for which it is 
•  The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damage resulting from 
improper, incorrect or negligent use. 
•  Repairs must only be carried out by a service centre authorised by the 
•  Failure to comply with the above requirement will jeopardise the safe 
use of the loudspeaker and associated guarantees (if applicable).