Panasonic DMC-TZ40 User Manual

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 (ENG) VQT4T06
Charging the battery
 The battery that can be used with this unit is DMW-BCM13E.
 The battery is not charged when the camera is shipped. Charge 
the battery before use.
 Charge the battery with the AC adaptor (supplied) indoors 
(10 °C to 30 °C).
Make sure that the camera is turned off.
Insert the battery to this unit, and then connect 
this unit to the AC adaptor ( ) (supplied) or a 
PC ( )
 To the electrical outlet
 USB connection cable (supplied)
Charging lamp ( )
On: Charging in progress  (approx. 210 min. if fully depleted) 
Off: Charging stops
When using the AC adaptor (supplied), observe the following points as 
improper connections may cause malfunctions.
Do not use any other USB connection cables except the supplied 
one or a genuine Panasonic USB connection cable (DMW-USBC1: 
Do not use any other AC adaptors except the supplied one.
Do not use the AC adaptor (supplied) or the USB connection cable 
(supplied) with other devices.