Panasonic DMC-TZ40 User Manual

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 (ENG) VQT4T06
Immediately release the motion picture button after pressing it all the 
You can continuously record a motion picture in [MP4] for up to 
29 minutes 59 seconds or approx. 4 GB. (Since recording in [MP4] 
with [FHD/25p] creates larger files, the recording time for such 
motion pictures will be shorter than 29 minutes 59 seconds.)
If [Rec Quality] of [AVCHD] motion pictures is set to [FHD], you 
can continuously record a motion picture for up to 29 minutes 
59 seconds.
If the surrounding temperature is high, or a motion picture is 
recorded continuously, 
 is displayed and recording may be 
stopped halfway through to protect the camera.
Motion pictures cannot be recorded in the built-in memory.
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