Panasonic DMC-TZ40 User Manual

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Recording/viewing pictures with a 
You can use the Wi-Fi function to connect to another device through 
wireless LAN (a system that exchanges information with radio waves 
without using cables), record pictures from an away location, and 
transfer pictures saved in this unit to a TV or PC.
This section describes how to make a Wi-Fi connection between this 
unit and a smartphone/tablet to record pictures using the smartphone/
tablet and to transfer pictures to the smartphone/tablet.
Installing “Panasonic Image App”
If you install “Image App” to your smartphone/tablet, you can operate 
this unit from an away location to record or play back pictures.
The “Panasonic Image App” is an application provided by Panasonic 
that allows your smartphone/tablet to perform the following operations 
of a Wi-Fi-compatible LUMIX. (“Panasonic Image App” is indicated as  
“Image App” in the text.)
Installation procedure
Connect your smartphone/tablet 
to the Internet, and please install 
“Panasonic Image App” from the 
following site.
 •“Google Play™ Store” (for Android)
 •“App Store
” (for iOS)
1.2 or above
Supported OS
Android 2.2 - Android 4.2
iOS 4.3 - iOS 6.0
 •In the search field of each site, search by entering “Panasonic 
Image App” to find it quickly.
 •When downloading the app on a mobile network, high packet 
communication fees may be incurred depending on the details of 
your contract.
 •To connect this unit with [Wi-Fi Direct], Android OS 4.0 or above is 
required and the device must be compatible with Wi-Fi Direct.
 •The service may not be able to be used properly depending on the 
type of smartphone/tablet being used. For compatible devices, see 
the following support site.  
(This site is available in English only.)