Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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For [REC] menu setting procedures (→20)
Using the [REC] menu
Automatically adjusts contrast and exposure to give more lifelike colours when there is 
significant contrast between background and subject.
Recording Mode:  
Settings:  [OFF]/[LOW]/[STANDARD]/[HIGH]
[LOW], [STANDARD] and [HIGH] indicate the amount of correction. 
If the setting is other than [OFF], 
 is displayed on the screen.
When [I.EXPOSURE] works, the colour of 
Even if [SENSITIVITY] is set to [80] or [100], when [I.EXPOSURE] is activated, pictures 
may be taken at a higher sensitivity than the setting.
Correction effects may not be achieved under certain conditions.
Sets shutter speed to minimum. We recommend using slower shutter speeds to take 
brighter pictures in dark locations.
Recording Mode: 
Settings: [AUTO]  [1/250]  [1/125]  [1/60]  [1/30]  [1/15]  [1/8]  [1/4]  [1/2]  [1]
Slower shutter speeds allow for brighter pictures but increase risk of jitter, so we 
recommend using a tripod and the self-timer.
As still pictures may become dark when using faster values such as [1/250], we 
recommend that still pictures are taken in bright locations (
 flashes red when shutter 
button is half-pressed if still picture will be dark).
 displayed on screen for settings other than [AUTO].
Enables a rapid succession of still pictures to be taken. Succession of still pictures taken 
while shutter button is held down.
Recording Mode: 
[BURST] setting
No. of pictures
No burst
2.3 pictures/sec.
 Fine: Max. 3
 Standard: Max. 5
∗ When using self-timer: Fixed at 3 pictures
Focus, exposure and White Balance are fixed in the first picture. 
Burst speed may be reduced if [SENSITIVITY] is set to high, or if shutter speed is 
reduced in darker locations.
When burst setting is used, flash is set to [FORCED FLASH OFF], and [AUTO 
BRACKET], [MULTI ASPECT], and [AUDIO REC.] settings are cancelled.
When burst is performed with the built-in memory, writing will take some time.
Settings will be stored even if power is turned off.
Auto Review performed regardless of [AUTO REVIEW] setting.
Burst is not available in the Scene Modes [TRANSFORM], [PANORAMA ASSIST], [HI-
Using the [HI-SPEED BURST] Scene Mode allows a faster succession of still pictures 
to be taken. [FLASH BURST] is convenient to take continuous still pictures using flash 
in dark places.
Super resolution technology can be used to record still pictures with sharper outlines and 
clearer resolution. Also, when [i.ZOOM] is set, the zoom ratio can be increased to about 
1.3 with almost no deterioration of picture quality.
Recording Mode: 
Settings: [OFF]/[ON]/[i.ZOOM]
About i.ZOOM (→41)
The setting is fixed to [i.ZOOM] in 
The setting is fixed to [ON] in [HIGH SENS.] and [HI-SPEED BURST] Scene Modes, 
[OFF] in [FLASH BURST] and [PIN HOLE] Scene Modes, and [i.ZOOM] in other Scene 
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