Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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 Charging battery
Always charge before first use! (not sold pre-charged)
 Names of parts
Cursor button
About batteries that you can use with this unit
It has been found that counterfeit battery packs which look very similar to the 
genuine products are made available to purchase in some markets. Some of 
these battery packs are not adequately protected with internal protection to 
meet the requirements of appropriate safety standards. There is a possibility 
that these battery packs may lead to fire or explosion. Please be advised that 
we are not liable for any accident or failure occurring as a result of use of a 
counterfeit battery pack. To ensure that safe products are used we recommend 
that a genuine Panasonic battery pack is used.
• Use the dedicated charger and battery.
• The camera has a function for distinguishing batteries which can be used 
safely. The dedicated battery supports this function. The only batteries 
suitable for use with this unit are genuine Panasonic products and batteries 
manufactured by other companies and certified by Panasonic. (Batteries which 
do not support this function cannot be used). Panasonic cannot in any way 
guarantee the quality, performance or safety of batteries which have been 
manufactured by other companies and are not genuine Panasonic products.
(menu display/set/finish) (→20)
Left cursor button (◄)
• Self-timer (→52)
Down cursor button (▼)
• Macro Mode (→49)
• AF Lock (AF Tracking) (→36, 99)
Up cursor button (▲)
• Exposure Compensation (→53)
• Auto Bracket (→54)
• Multi Aspect (→55)
• White Balance fine adjustment 
Right cursor button (►)
• Flash (→47)
In this manual, the button that is used is shaded or indicated by▲▼◄►.
Camera ON/OFF switch 
Shutter button 
Mode dial 
Self-timer indicator
AF Assist Lamp
Lens barrel
Zoom lever 
(→76, 106)
(→22, 115)
LCD monitor
(→6, 23, 46, 152, 158)
REC/PLAY switch 
[EXPOSURE] button 
(→56, 57, 58)
[DISPLAY] button 
(Quick setting →112)
Delete button 
(→141, 144, 147)
[E.ZOOM] button 
The appearance, specifications, and screen display vary depending on the model that is used.
Hand strap eyelet
We recommend 
using the supplied 
hand strap to 
avoid dropping 
the camera.
Insert the battery terminals and attach the battery 
to the charger
Ensure [LUMIX] faces outwards.
Connect the charger to the 
electrical outlet
Plug-in type
Inlet type
• The AC 
cable does 
not fit 
entirely into 
the AC input 
terminal. A gap will remain.
Charging light 
On:  Charging in progress 
(approx. 130 min. if fully 
Off: Charging complete
If light is flashing:
• Charging may take longer 
than normal if battery 
temperature is too high or 
too low (charging may not be 
• Battery/charger connector is 
dirty. Clean with a dry cloth.
Detach the battery after charging is 
For the DMC-TZ10/DMC-ZS7 (→9)
Tripod receptacle
Card/Battery door
Release lever
DC coupler cover
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