Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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 Using the [PLAYBACK] menu
Playback Mode: 
 (Set mode dial to any except 
For the [PLAYBACK] menu setting procedure (→20).
You can edit or protect recorded pictures.
• Depending on the Playback Mode, some [PLAYBACK] menu items are not displayed.
• New pictures are created after editing pictures with tools such as [TEXT STAMP] and 
[RESIZE]. Before starting to edit, make sure that there is enough free space in the built-
in memory or memory card.
Select the date from the calendar screen to view only the pictures taken on that day (→114).
Set-up:  Press [MENU/SET]→ 
 [PLAYBACK] menu → Select [CALENDAR]
This setting can only be made when the Playback Mode is [NORMAL PLAY].
You can give titles, etc. to your favourite still pictures. 
Set-up:  Press [MENU/SET]→ 
 [PLAYBACK] menu → Select [TITLE EDIT] 
Press ▲▼ to select [SINGLE] or [MULTI], and then press 
Select still picture
[MULTI] (up to 50 pictures with the same text) 
 [TITLE EDIT] setting
  [TITLE EDIT] already 
• To cancel → Press 
[DISPLAY] again.
• To execute → 
Press [MENU/SET].
Enter characters 
(Entering text (→113))
(After confirmation, press   to return to the menu screen in [SINGLE] setting.)
To edit
Select [SINGLE] in step   → select still picture with ◄►, and press [MENU/SET]→ 
correct text and select [EXIT] → press   to return to the menu.
Cannot be used with still pictures taken on other devices, protected still pictures, or 
motion pictures.
To print text, use [TEXT STAMP] or the supplied CD-ROM ‘PHOTOfunSTUDIO’.
You can edit place name information recorded by GPS function. 
Operation:  Press [MENU/SET] on the playback screen and select → 
Select the picture 
Select the location name or 
landmark name to edit.
Select [REPLACE] 
Enter characters 
(Entering text 
Select [YES] 
If you want to edit another 
location name or landmark 
name, repeat steps   to 
• After setting, press   to return to the 
menu screen.
To delete a location name or landmark name
In step  , select [DELETE] with ▼, and then select [YES].
Motion pictures can be split to delete unnecessary scenes.
For details (→117)
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