Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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Using the [PLAYBACK] menu
Playback Mode: 
 (Set mode dial to any except 
For the [PLAYBACK] menu setting procedure (→20).
By labeling your favourite pictures with a star ( ), you can enjoy [SLIDE SHOW] or 
[FAVORITE PLAY] of these pictures only, or you can delete all pictures except your 
favourites (→45). 
Set-up:  Press [MENU/SET]→ 
 [PLAYBACK] menu → Select [FAVORITE] 
Select [ON]
Close the menu
Select picture and make setting 
Displayed when 
set (not displayed 
when [OFF]).
• Up to 999 pictures can be selected.
(For AVCHD Lite motion pictures, 
999 or more pictures can be set. 
• To release → Press ▼ again.
To clear all
Select [CANCEL] in step   and select [YES].
It may not be possible to set pictures taken with certain other devices as favourites.
Setting/release can also be made with supplied software ‘PHOTOfunSTUDIO’.
Convert still pictures taken in 
 for printing. 
Set-up:  Press [MENU/SET] → 
 [PLAYBACK] menu → Select [ASPECT CONV.] 
Select still picture taken in 
Select horizontal position 
and convert
(Move portrait 
using ▲▼)
Changes to outlined size
Press ▲ to select [YES], and 
then press [MENU/SET]
• After confirmation, press   to return 
to the menu screen.
Picture size may be increased after Aspect Ratio is changed.
Cannot be used with motion pictures, still pictures with audio, still pictures with text 
stamp, or non-DCF files (→44). May not be compatible with still pictures taken on other 
Original Face Recognition information will not be copied when Aspect Ratios are 
Automatically rotate portrait still pictures.
Set-up:  Press [MENU/SET] → 
 [PLAYBACK] menu → Select [ROTATE DISP.]
Select [ON]
[ROTATE DISP.] cannot be used with motion pictures.
Some pictures taken facing up or facing down may not be rotated automatically. 
It may not be possible to rotate still pictures taken with certain other devices. 
Pictures cannot be rotated during Multi Playback.
Will only be displayed rotated on computer if in Exif-compatible (→44) environment (OS, 
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