Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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Using the [PLAYBACK] menu
Playback Mode: 
 (Set mode dial to any except 
For the [PLAYBACK] menu setting procedure (→20).
You can copy pictures between built-in memory and memory card.
Set-up:  Press [MENU/SET] → 
[PLAYBACK] menu → Select [COPY]
Select the copy method (direction)
:  Copy all pictures from built-in memory to card 
(go to step  ).
(Clipboard pictures cannot be copied. Use 
[COPY] in the [CLIPBOARD] menu (→111).)
:  Copy 1 picture at a time from card to built-in 
:  Copy 1 picture at a time from card to clipboard 
folder (in built-in memory) (not motion pictures).
Select picture with ◄ ► and press [MENU/SET] (for 
Select [YES]
• To cancel → Press [MENU/SET].
• After confirmation, press   to return to the menu 
• After all the pictures are copied from the built-in 
memory to the memory card, the display returns 
automatically to the playback screen.
(Screen shown is example)
If there is not enough space on the built-in memory for copying to be performed, turn 
off the power, remove the card, and delete pictures from the built-in memory (to delete 
clipboard pictures, set the mode dial to Clipboard Mode).
Copying of picture data from the built-in memory to memory cards will be terminated 
midway if there is insufficient space on the card. Using memory cards with higher 
capacities than the built-in memory (approx. 15 MB 
, approx. 40 MB 
) is 
Copying pictures may take several minutes. Do not turn off power or perform other 
operations during copying.
If identical names (folder/file numbers) are present in the copy destination, a new 
folder for copying will be created when copying from built-in memory to card (
Identically-named files will not be copied from card to built-in memory (
The print settings and protection settings are not copied. Set them again after copying.
Only pictures from Panasonic digital cameras (LUMIX) may be copied.
Original pictures will not be deleted after copying (to delete pictures (→45)).
This setting can only be made when the Playback Mode is in [NORMAL PLAY].
Motion pictures recorded in [AVCHD Lite] format cannot be set. 
Edit or delete the recognition information for pictures with mistaken Face Recognition.
Operation:  On the playback screen, press [MENU/SET] and select 
menu →   [FACE REC EDIT]
Select [REPLACE] or 
Select the picture 
Select a person 
• If [DELETE], go to step 
• People whose Face Recognition 
information has not been registered 
cannot be selected.
Select the person to replace 
for another 
Select [YES] 
• After setting, press   to return to the 
menu screen.
When Face Recognition information is deleted, it cannot be restored.
Pictures for which all Face Recognition information has been deleted are not 
categorized in Face Recognition during [CATEGORY PLAY].
Recognition information cannot be edited in protected pictures.
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