Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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Some printers can print directly from the camera’s memory card.
For details, see the manual for your printer.
To cancel print    
Press [MENU/SET]
Do not use any other USB connection cables except the supplied one.
Disconnect USB connection cable after printing.
Turn off power before inserting or removing memory cards.
When the battery begins to run out during communication, a warning beep sounds. 
Cancel printing and disconnect USB connection cable (recharge the battery before 
Setting the [USB MODE] to [PictBridge (PTP)] removes the need to make the setting 
each time the camera is connected to the printer.
Motion pictures recorded in [AVCHD Lite] format cannot be printed. 
You can connect directly to a PictBridge-
compatible printer for printing.
Getting Ready:
• Charge the battery sufficiently. Or, connect 
the AC adaptor (optional) and DC coupler 
• Insert card and set mode dial to any setting 
. When copying pictures from the 
built-in memory, remove any memory cards.
(Copy [CLIPBOARD] pictures to the card in 
• Adjust the print quality or other settings on 
your printer, as needed.
Turn on power of camera 
and printer
Connect camera to printer 
• Please make sure you use the 
supplied USB connection cable. Use 
of cables other than the supplied 
USB connection cable may cause 
Select [PictBridge (PTP)] 
on the camera
is displayed, cancel the connection 
and set [USB MODE] (→26) to either 
[PictBridge (PTP)].
Press ◄► to select a 
picture to print and press 
(Print settings
Check socket direction and insert straight in.
(Damage to socket shape can lead to faulty 
• Do not disconnect the USB connection cable when 
the cable disconnection icon   is displayed (may 
not be displayed with some printers).
USB connection cable
(always use cable supplied)
Printing multiple pictures
Select [MULTI PRINT] in 
step   on the previous 
Select item
(See below for details)
(Previous page  )
• [MULTI SELECT] :   Scroll between pictures with ▲▼◄►, select pictures to print with the 
[DISPLAY] button. (Press [DISPLAY] button again to release selection.)
                                Press [MENU/SET] when selection is complete.
• [SELECT ALL]    :Print all pictures.
• [PRINT SET (DPOF)] : Print pictures selected in [PRINT SET]. (→134)
• [FAVORITE]        : Print pictures selected as [FAVORITE]. (→133)
(displayed only when [FAVORITE] pictures are present and setting 
is set to [ON]).
Select [YES] if print confirmation screen is displayed.
An orange 
 displayed during printing indicates an error message. 
Print may be divided into several times if printing a large amount of pictures.
(Remaining sheets display may differ from set number.)
Print with date and text
Recording date and following information can be embedded into still pictures (→128):
Recording date 
[NAME] and [AGE] from [BABY] and [PET] Scene Modes
[TRAVEL DATE] elapsed days and destination 
Text registered in [TITLE EDIT]
Names registered in [FACE RECOG.] 
Location name information recorded with the GPS function 
• Do not add date printing in stores or with printers to still pictures where [TEXT 
STAMP] is applied (text may overlap).
Printing date without [TEXT STAMP]
Printing in store: Only recording date can be printed. Request date printing in store.
• Making [PRINT SET] settings on the camera in advance allows settings for numbers 
of copies and date printing to be designated before giving the card to the store.
• When printing still pictures of 16:9 Aspect Ratio, check in advance that the store 
can accept this size.
Using computer : Print settings for recording date and text information can be made 
using the supplied CD-ROM ‘PHOTOfunSTUDIO’.
Using printer    : Recording date can be printed by setting [PRINT SET] on the 
camera, or by setting [PRINT WITH DATE] to [ON] when connecting 
to a printer compatible with date printing.
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