Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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Viewing on TV screen
 Viewing on a TV with HDMI Socket
An HDMI mini cable (optional) can be used to enable viewing of still and motion pictures 
in high resolution.
What is HDMI?
High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is an interface for digital video devices. Digital video 
and audio signals can be output by connecting the camera to an HDMI-compatible device. This 
camera can be connected to a High-definition TV compatible with HDMI to enjoy recorded pictures 
and motion pictures at high resolution. Connecting the camera to a Panasonic TV (VIERA) 
compatible with VIERA Link (HDMI) enables linked operation (VIERA Link). (→149)
• Check the [HDMI MODE]. (→27)
• Turn off the camera and TV.
Do not use any other cables except a genuine Panasonic HDMI mini cable (optional).
Playback cannot be performed in [CLIPBOARD] Mode.
Blank stripes may appear at the sides or at the top and bottom of the screen, depending on Aspect 
Ratio setting.
Cables that do not comply with HDMI standards will not work.
When an HDMI mini cable is connected, pictures are not displayed on the LCD monitor.
The following functions are not available:
CONV.] [FACE REC EDIT], [COPY], multiple selection (delete, etc.), etc.
HDMI output will be cancelled if a USB connection cable is connected simultaneously.
No picture output will occur through AV cables connected.
When playing motion pictures/still pictures with audio recorded with other devices, video/audio may 
not always be played back correctly.
Pictures may be momentarily distorted immediately after commencing playback or pausing on 
certain televisions. 
Always read your television’s operating instructions.
Audio output is stereo.
Connect camera to TV
Turn on TV
Set to HDMI input.
Turn on camera
Set REC/PLAY switch 
Check the socket direction and insert straight in. 
(Damage to socket can lead to faulty operation.)
HDMI mini cable (optional)
To HDMI video/audio input socket 
(When there are multiple sockets, 
connect to one besides HDMI1.)
The DMC-TZ8/DMC-ZS5 does not have an HDMI socket.
 VIERA Link (HDMI) (HDAVI Control™)
What is VIERA Link (HDMI)?
VIERA Link is a function that automatically links this camera to VIERA Link-
compatible devices by connecting HDMI mini cables (optional) for enabling easy 
operation with the VIERA remote control. (Some operations are not available.)
VIERA Link (HDMI) is an exclusive Panasonic function added to the industry-
standard HDMI control functions known as HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics 
Control). Operation is not guaranteed when connecting with non-Panasonic HDMI 
CEC-compatible devices. Refer to your product manual to verify compatibility with 
This camera supports VIERA Link (HDMI) Version 5. This is the latest Panasonic 
standard that also supports previous Panasonic VIERA Link devices. (As of 
December 2009)
• Set [VIERA Link] to [ON]. (→27)
Connect the camera to a VIERA Link (HDMI)-compatible 
Panasonic television (VIERA) with an HDMI mini cable 
(optional) (→148).
Turn on camera
Set REC/PLAY switch to 
Perform the following operations with the VIERA remote control
remote control
Connecting with an HDMI 
mini cable (optional)
Panasonic TV (VIERA)
The DMC-TZ8/DMC-ZS5 does not support VIERA Link.
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