Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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Try checking these items (→156 - 162) first.
(Restoring menu settings to default values may solve certain problems.
 Try using [RESET] in [SETUP] menu in Recording Mode (→26).) 
Battery, power
Camera does not work even if power is turned on.
Battery is not inserted correctly (→14), or needs recharging.
LCD monitor shuts off even if power is turned on.
[SLEEP MODE] is activated. (→24)
  → Press shutter button halfway to release.
Battery needs recharging.
Camera switches off as soon as power is turned on.
Battery needs recharging.
Camera is set to [SLEEP MODE]. (→24)
  → Press shutter button halfway to release. 
This unit is turned off automatically.
If you connect to a TV compatible with VIERA Link with an HDMI mini cable (optional) and turn off 
the power on the TV with the remote control for the TV, the power on this unit also turns off.
  → If you are not using VIERA Link, set [VIERA Link] to [OFF]. (→27) 
Cannot perform positioning.
When [GPS SETTING] is set to [OFF]. (→85)
Depending on the recording environment, such as when indoors or near buildings, it may not be 
possible to correctly receive the signals from the GPS satellites. (→84)
  →  When using the GPS, we recommend holding the camera still for a while with the GPS antenna 
facing upward in an outdoor location where you can see the entire sky.
The status indicator flashes while the camera’s power is off.
When turning off the camera’s power in an airplane, hospital or other restricted area, set [GPS 
SETTING] to [OFF] or 
Positioning takes time.
When using the camera for the first time or after not using it for a while, positioning may take several 
Positioning usually takes less than two minutes, but because the positions of the GPS satellites 
change, it may take longer depending on the recording location and environment.
Positioning will take time in environments where it is difficult to receive the signals from the GPS 
satellites. (→84)
The location name information is different from the recording location.
Immediately after the camera’s power is turned on or when the GPS icon is something other than 
, the location name information that is recorded in the camera may vary significantly from the 
current position.
 is displayed for the location name information, the information can be changed to a 
different candidate before starting to record. (→87)
The location name information is not displayed.
“- - -” is displayed if there is no nearby landmark or other points, or no information registered in the 
camera’s database. (→87)
  →  During playback, a location name or other information can be entered with [PLACE-NAME EDIT]. 
Cannot record pictures.
REC/PLAY switch is not set to 
Built-in memory/card is full. → Free space by deleting unwanted pictures (→45).
Cannot record to cards.
The card was formatted with a different device.
  → Please format cards with this camera. (→28)
For details about compatible cards (→16).
Recording capacity is low.
Battery needs recharging .
  → Use a fully charged battery (not sold pre-charged). (→11)
  →  If you leave the camera on, the battery will be exhausted. Turn the camera off frequently by using 
[SLEEP MODE] (→24) etc.
Please check the recording picture capacity for cards and built-in memory. (
Recorded pictures look white.
Lens is dirty (fingerprints, etc.).
  → Turn on power to extract lens barrel, and clean lens surface with a soft, dry cloth.
Lens is foggy (→7).
Recorded pictures are too bright/too dark.
Pictures taken in dark locations, or bright subjects (snow, bright conditions, etc.) occupy 
most of the screen. (Brightness of LCD monitor may differ from that of actual picture) 
  → Adjust the exposure (→53).
[MIN. SHTR SPEED] is set to fast speeds, e.g. [1/250] (→102).
2-3 pictures are taken when I press the shutter button just once.
Camera set to use [AUTO BRACKET] (→54), [MULTI ASPECT] (→55), [BURST] (→103), or the [HI-
SPEED BURST] (→66) or [FLASH BURST] (→67) Scene Modes. 
Focus not aligned correctly.
Not set to mode appropriate for distance to subject. (Focus range varies according to Recording Mode.)
Subject outside of focus range.
Caused by jitter or subject movement (→96, 105).
Recorded pictures are blurred. Optical Image Stabilizer ineffective.
Shutter speed is slower in dark locations and Optical Image Stabilizer is less effective.
  → Hold camera firmly with both hands, keeping arms close to body.
Use a tripod and the self-timer (→52) when using slower shutter speed with [MIN. SHTR SPEED].
Only enough memory for 2 pictures or fewer.
Recorded pictures appear coarse, or there is interference.
ISO Sensitivity is high, or shutter speed is low.
  (Default [SENSITIVITY] setting is [AUTO] – interference may appear with indoor pictures.)
  → Lower [SENSITIVITY] (→97).
  → Set [NOISE REDUCTION] in [PICT.ADJ.] in the + direction. (→105)
  → Take pictures in brighter locations.
Camera set to [HIGH SENS.] or [HI-SPEED BURST] Scene Modes. 
  (Picture becomes slightly coarser in response to high sensitivity)
Pictures appear dark or have poor colouring.
Colours may appear unnatural due to the effects of light source.
  → Use [WHITE BALANCE] to adjust the colouring. (→98)
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