Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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Inserting and removing the card (optional)/
the battery
 Setting the Clock
( The Clock is not set when the 
camera is shipped.)
 Remaining battery and memory capacity
Pictures remaining (
Displayed when no card is inserted (pictures will be saved to built-in 
Remaining battery (only when using battery)
(flashes red)
If the battery mark flashes red, recharge or replace battery. (→11)
When in operation
 (Card) or 
 (Built-in memory) are illuminated red.
While the light remains lit, an operation is taking place, such as picture writing, reading, 
deletion or formatting. While the light is lit, do not turn off the power or remove battery, 
card, AC adaptor (optional) or DC coupler (optional) (this can cause data loss or 
damage). Do not subject the camera to vibrations, impact, or static electricity. Should 
any of these cause camera operation to be terminated, attempt to perform the operation 
 Picture save destination (cards and built-in memory)
Pictures will be saved to a card if one is inserted, or to the built-in memory 
 if not.
Built-in memory (approx. 15 MB 
, approx. 40 MB 
Pictures may be copied between cards and the built-in memory (→137).
The access time for the built-in memory may be longer than the access time for a card.
Clipboard pictures (→110) are saved to built-in memory.
[QVGA] in [REC QUALITY] can only be available to record motion pictures in the built-
in memory.
Compatible memory cards (optional)
The following SD standard-based cards (Panasonic brand recommended)
Type of Card
SD memory 
8 MB – 2 GB
• Can be used with devices compatible with the respective 
• Before using SDXC memory cards, check your computer 
and other devices support this type of card.
• Cards in capacities not listed at left are not supported. 
SDHC memory 
4 GB - 32 GB
SDXC memory 
48 GB - 64 GB
Please reformat the card with this camera if it has already been formatted with a 
computer or another device. (→28)
If the write-protect switch is set to ‘LOCK’, the card cannot be used to 
record or delete pictures, and it cannot be formatted.
It is recommended that you copy important pictures to your computer (as 
electromagnetic waves, static electricity, or faults may cause data to be damaged).
Latest information: (This Site is English only.)
Turn on the power
The power is turned on.
If the language select screen is not 
displayed, proceed to step  .
Press [MENU/SET] while the 
message is displayed
Press ▲▼ to select the language, 
and press [MENU/SET]
• The [PLEASE SET THE CLOCK] message 
appears. (This message does not appear in 
Playback Mode.)
Press [MENU/SET]
Press ◄► to select the items 
(year, month, day, hour, minute, 
display order or time display 
format), and press ▲▼ to set
Select the 
Select either [24HRS] or [AM/
PM] for the time display format.
Select the display order for the 
day, month, and year ([M/D/Y], 
[D/M/Y], or [Y/M/D]).
the values 
• To cancel → Press  .
• When set to [AM/PM], 0:00 midnight is AM 12:00, 
and 0:00 noon is PM 12:00.
Press [MENU/SET]
Press [MENU/SET]
• To return to the previous screen, press  .
Set REC/PLAY switch to 
 before turning on the power.
REC/PLAY switch
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For the operating procedures for the DMC-TZ8/DMC-ZS5 (→19)
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