Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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Usage cautions and notes
Memory cards
To prevent damage to cards and data
• Avoid high temperatures, direct sunlight, electromagnetic waves, and static electricity.
• Do not bend, drop, or expose to strong impacts.
• Do not touch connectors on reverse of card or allow them to become dirty or wet.
When disposing of/transferring memory cards
• If using the ‘format’ or ‘delete’ functions on your camera or computer, this only changes the file 
management information, and does not completely delete the data from within the memory card. 
When disposing of or transferring your memory cards, we recommend physically destroying the 
memory card itself, or using commercially available computer data erasing software to completely 
delete the data from the card. Data within memory cards should be managed responsibly.
 LCD Monitor
Do not press hard on the LCD monitor. This may cause uneven display and damage the monitor. 
In cold climates or other situations when the camera becomes cold, the LCD monitor may be slightly 
less responsive than normal immediately after startup. Normal brightness will return once the 
internal components have warmed up.
Personal Information
If names or birthdays are set in [BABY] Mode or in the [FACE RECOG.] function, 
personal information will be included in the camera and the pictures that have been taken.
• Data containing personal information can be altered or lost due to malfunction, static electricity, 
accidents, breakdowns, repairs, or other operations.
Panasonic will not be liable for any damage that occurs, direct or indirect, as a result of the 
alteration or loss of data containing personal information.
When ordering repairs or transferring/disposing of the camera
• To protect your personal information, please reset the settings. (→26)
• If any pictures are contained in the built-in memory, copy (→137) them to a memory card if 
necessary, and then format (→28) the built-in memory.
• Remove the memory card from the camera.
• When ordering repairs, the built-in memory and other settings may be returned to the initial 
purchase state.
• If the above operations cannot be performed because of a camera malfunction, consult with the 
dealer or nearest Service Centre.
When transferring or disposing of your memory card, see ‘When disposing of/transferring 
memory cards’ in the previous section.
Important! Be sure to read the following 
before using the location names that 
are stored in this product.
 User License Agreement for 
Location Name Data
Personal Use Only.
You agree to use this Data together with 
this digital camera for the solely personal, 
non-commercial purposes for which you 
were licensed, and not for service bureau, 
time-sharing or other similar purposes. 
Accordingly, but subject to the restrictions 
set forth in the following paragraphs, you 
may copy this Data only as necessary for 
your personal use to (i) view it, and (ii) 
save it, provided that you do not remove 
any copyright notices that appear and 
do not modify the Data in any way. You 
agree not to otherwise reproduce, copy, 
modify, decompile, disassemble or reverse 
engineer any portion of this Data, and 
may not transfer or distribute it in any 
form, for any purpose, except to the extent 
permitted by mandatory laws. Multi-disc 
sets may only be transferred or sold as a 
complete set as provided by Panasonic 
Corporation and not as a subset thereof.
Except where you have been specifically 
licensed to do so by Panasonic 
Corporation, and without limiting the 
preceding paragraph, you may not (a) 
use this Data with any products, systems, 
or applications installed or otherwise 
connected to or in communication 
with vehicles, capable of vehicle 
navigation, positioning, dispatch, real 
time route guidance, fleet management 
or similar applications; or (b) with or 
in communication with any positioning 
devices or any mobile or wireless-
connected electronic or computer devices, 
including without limitation cellular phones, 
palmtop and handheld computers, pagers, 
and personal digital assistants or PDAs.
The Data may contain inaccurate or 
incomplete information due to the 
passage of time, changing circumstances, 
sources used and the nature of collecting 
comprehensive geographic data, any of 
which may lead to incorrect results.
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