Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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Taking pictures with automatic settings
Recording Mode: 
 Taking pictures with your own settings
Recording Mode: 
About Happy colours
If [COLOR EFFECT] is set to[Happy], both still and motion pictures are clearer, with more 
vivid colouring.
• [Happy] can only be set in 
When setting [Happy] 
Face Detection and Face Recognition
If the camera automatically identifies the scene and determines that people appear 
as subjects in the picture (
), Face Detection is activated, and the focus and 
exposure are adjusted for the recognised faces. (→99)
Face Recognition
The faces of people who are taken frequently can be registered together with their 
names, ages, and other information.
If pictures are taken with [FACE RECOG.] (→78) set to [ON], priority is given to the focus 
and exposure adjustments of the faces close to those that have been registered. Also, 
the camera memorises detected faces during Face Detection, automatically recognises 
faces which are taken frequently, and displays them on the face registration screen.
 AF Tracking
Even if a subject, where the focus was locked (AF Lock) moves, the camera can continue 
to keep it in focus. 
Set [AF MODE] to AF Tracking
• To cancel AF Tracking → Press ▲ again.
AF Tracking frame
Align the AF Tracking frame with the subject, and then lock.
• To cancel AF Lock → Press ▲.
• The optimum scene is detected for the subject 
where the focus was locked (AF Lock).
AF Lock successful: Yellow
AF Lock failed: Red (flash)
Face Recognition will be inactive while using AF Tracking.
If AF Lock is not successful for certain objects (→100).
To take motion pictures 
To use zoom
To use flash
To adjust picture brightness
To take close-up pictures
To adjust colouring
If a warning is displayed about jitter, use 
[STABILIZER], a tripod, or [SELFTIMER].
 If aperture and shutter speed are shown in red, you do 
not have appropriate exposure. You should either use 
the flash, change [SENSITIVITY] settings or set [MIN. 
SHTR SPEED] to a slower speed.
Aperture value
Shutter speed
Jitter alert 
Using the [REC] menu to change settings and set up your own recording environment.
Turn on the power
Set to 
Set to 
 ([PROGRAM AE] Mode)
Take a picture
Press halfway 
(press lightly to focus)
Press fully 
(press the button all the 
way to record)
Focus display
(when focus is aligned: 
flashing → illuminated)
AF area
(aligns focus with subject; 
when complete: red → green)
Shutter button
Zoom lever
Report Bug