Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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 Taking pictures with self-timer
Recording Mode: 
We recommend using a tripod. This is also effective for correcting jitter when pressing the 
shutter button, by setting the self-timer to 2 seconds.
When set to [BURST], 3 pictures are taken. When set to the [FLASH BURST] Scene 
Mode, 5 pictures are taken.
Focus will be automatically adjusted immediately before recording if shutter button is 
pressed fully here.
After self-timer lamp stops flashing, it may then be lit for AF Assist Lamp.
This function cannot be used in the [UNDERWATER] and [HI-SPEED BURST] Scene 
Modes, or when recording motion pictures.
[10SEC.] cannot be chosen in 
 ([CLIPBOARD] Mode) or in Scene Mode [SELF 
Select time duration
Can also be 
selected with ◄.
Displayed for approx. 5 sec.
Take a picture
Press the shutter button fully to start recording 
after the preset time.
• To cancel while in operation
→ Press [MENU/SET]
Self-timer indicator
(Flashes for set duration)
Corrects exposure when adequate exposure cannot be obtained (if difference between 
brightness of object and background, etc.). Depending on the brightness, this may not be 
possible in some cases.
Optimum exposure
Plus direction
Minus direction
After exposure adjustment, the adjustment value (
 for example) is displayed in the 
bottom-left corner of the screen.
The Exposure Compensation value you set is retained even after the camera is turned 
Exposure Compensation cannot be used with the [STARRY SKY] Scene Mode.
Display [EXPOSURE]
Press ▲
Select a value
[0] (no compensation)
 Taking pictures with Exposure Compensation
Recording Mode: 
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