Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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 Taking motion pictures 
Recording Mode: 
Playing back motion pictures (→115)
For information on the available recording time (→176)
Depending on the type of card used, a card-access display may appear for a while after motion 
picture recording. This does not indicate a problem.
Immediately release the shutter button after pressing it all the way.
Easy zoom cannot be used while recording a motion picture.
The following functions are not available.
Extra Optical Zoom, flash, [FACE RECOG.] and [ROTATE DISP.] for still pictures taken vertically.
Sounds of camera operations, such as zoom movement and beeps may be recorded.
In [AF MODE], 
 (1-area-focusing) is fixed:
In [STABILIZER], [MODE 1] is fixed.
To fix the focus setting, set [CONTINUOUS AF] to [OFF]
When there is no space left to store the motion picture, recording automatically ends. Additionally, 
recording in progress may be stopped, depending on the card used.
Depending on the motion picture recording environment, static electricity or electromagnetic waves 
may cause the screen to go black momentary or noise to be recorded.
For the operating procedures for the DMC-TZ10/DMC-ZS7 (→72)
(Do not cover with 
your finger)
This records motion pictures with audio. (Recording with muted sound is not possible. 
Sound recording is monaural.) Zoom can also be used during recording.
Set to 
Set the mode dial to 
Start recording
Press halfway
(adjust the focus)
Press fully 
(start recording)
You can also use zoom while recording motion 
• The zoom speed will be slower than normal. 
Also, the zoom speed changes according to 
the zoom range.
• When using zoom while recording motion 
pictures, it may take some time to focus. 
End recording
Press fully
Remaining recording time (approx.)
Elapsed recording time
Changing the motion picture size. When recording a motion picture, use a card rated with 
an SD speed class∗
 of ‘Class 6’ or higher.
 SD speed class refers to a specification for sustained write speeds.
Display the [REC] menu
Select the desired picture 
Close the menu
Picture Quality
Picture Size
No. of Frames
Picture Aspect 
1280 × 720 pixels
30 fps
848 × 480 pixels
640 × 480 pixels
320 × 240 pixels
[QVGA] is fixed when recording to built-in memory. 
When recording motion pictures, it is recommended to use a sufficiently charged battery or an AC 
adaptor (optional) and DC coupler (optional).
When recording motion pictures using an AC adaptor, if you unplug the AC adaptor or a power 
outage occurs, power to the camera is cut, and the motion picture in progress is no longer recorded.
If you attempt to play motion pictures recorded with the camera on other devices, playback may not 
be possible, or the picture or sound quality may be poor. Additionally, incorrect recording information 
may be indicated.
Motion pictures recorded with the camera cannot be played on Panasonic LUMIX digital cameras 
sold before July 2008. (However, motion pictures recorded with LUMIX digital cameras sold before 
this date can be played on this camera.) 
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