Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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 Names of parts
Before use
Cursor button
(menu display/set/finish) (→20)
Left cursor button (◄)
• Self-timer (→52)
Down cursor button (▼)
• Macro Mode (→49)
• AF Lock (AF Tracking) (→36, 99)
Tripod receptacle
Card/Battery door
Release lever
Hand strap eyelet
We recommend 
using the supplied 
hand strap to 
avoid dropping 
the camera.
Camera ON/OFF switch 
Shutter button 
Mode dial 
Self-timer indicator
AF Assist Lamp
Lens barrel
Zoom lever 
(→72, 106)
GPS antenna 
(→22, 115)
LCD monitor 
(→6, 23, 46, 152, 158)
REC/PLAY switch 
[EXPOSURE] button 
(→56, 57, 58)
Status indicator 
[DISPLAY] button 
(Quick setting →112)
Delete button 
Motion picture button 
Up cursor button (▲)
• Exposure Compensation (→53)
• Auto Bracket (→54)
• Multi Aspect (→55)
• White Balance fine adjustment 
Right cursor button (►)
• Flash (→47)
In this manual, the button that is used is shaded or indicated by▲▼◄►.
The illustrations and screens in this manual may differ from 
the actual product.
DC coupler cover
HDMI socket 
(→148, 149)
(→141, 144, 147)
About the camera’s location name 
Before using the camera, read “User 
License Agreement for Location Name 
Data”. (→165)
The GPS function can be used even 
when the camera’s power is off.
When [GPS SETTING] is [ON], the GPS 
function works to check your current 
position periodically even if the camera’s 
power is OFF.
• When turning off the camera’s power in 
an airplane, hospital or other restricted 
area, set [GPS SETTING] to 
[OFF]. (→85)
• When [GPS SETTING] is [ON], power 
will drain from the battery even if the 
camera’s power is OFF.
Recording location information 
• Recording location names and 
landmarks (such as building names) are 
current as of February 2010. These will 
not be updated.
• Depending on the country or area, 
limited location name and landmark 
information may be available.
Because the positions of the GPS 
satellites are constantly changing, 
depending on the recording location 
and conditions, it may not be possible 
to position such satellites accurately, or 
positioning discrepancy may occur.
When using in another country
• GPS may not work in China or in the 
border regions of countries neighboring 
China. (Current as of February 2010)
• Some countries or regions may regulate 
the use of GPS or related technology. 
Because this camera has a GPS 
function, before taking it into another 
country, check with the embassy or 
your travel agency whether there are 
any restrictions on bringing cameras 
with a GPS function.
 About GPS 
Check that all the accessories are 
included before using the camera.
The accessories and their shape 
will differ depending on the country 
or area where the camera was 
For details on the accessories, refer 
to Basic Operating Instructions.
Battery Pack is indicated as battery 
pack or battery in the text.
Battery Charger is indicated as 
battery charger or charger in the text.
‘PHOTOfunSTUDIO 5.1 HD Edition’ 
is included with the DMC-TZ10/DMC-
ZS7 model.
‘PHOTOfunSTUDIO 5.0’ is included 
with the DMC-TZ8/DMC-ZS5 model.
In this manual, ‘PHOTOfunSTUDIO’ 
refers to either version of the 
Please dispose of all packaging 
Optional accessories
• Cards are optional. You can record 
or play back pictures on the built-in 
memory when you are not using a 
card. (→16)
• Consult the dealer or your nearest 
servicentre if you lose the supplied 
accessories. (You can purchase the 
accessories separately.)
For the DMC-TZ8/DMC-ZS5 (→10)
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