Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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Recording with the Face Recognition function 
Recording Mode: 
Select [FACE RECOG.] from the [REC] menu (→20) 
Select [MEMORY] with ▲▼, and then press [MENU/SET] 
Select the frame for the unregistered face picture 
• If 6 people are already registered, first 
delete a registered person. (→81) 
Record the face picture 
 Align the face with the guide and record. 
  Select [YES] with ▲▼, and then press 
• If re-recording, select [NO] 
• Faces of subjects other than people (e.g. pets) 
cannot be registered.
• If recognition fails, a message is displayed and 
the display returns to the recording screen. Try 
recording again.
• When [DISPLAY] is pressed, an explanation is 
 Select the item to edit and make the setting
About settings 
 Select [SET] with ▲▼, and then press [MENU/SET] 
 Enter the name (text input procedure: →113) 
Set the birth date.
 Select [SET] with ▲▼, and then press [MENU/SET] 
  Use ◄► to select year, month and day, set with ▲▼, and press 
Change the icon that is displayed when the subject is in focus.
 Select the focus icon with ▲▼, and then press [MENU/SET]
Up to 3 face pictures of the person can be registered.
  Select an unregistered frame and press [MENU/SET]
• When a registered face picture is selected with ◄►, a screen 
to confirm deletion is displayed. Select [YES] to delete the face 
picture. (If only one picture is registered, it cannot be deleted.)
 Record the picture (Step 
Press the shutter button halfway to close the menu
To set the Face Recognition function to [OFF]
 Select [FACE RECOG.] from the [REC] menu (→20)
 Select [OFF] with ▲▼, and then press [MENU/SET]
When a face picture is registered or automatic registration of face pictures is set, the 
[FACE RECOG.] setting is switched to [ON] automatically.
 Editing or deleting information about registered persons 
Information about registered people can be edited or deleted. 
Select [FACE RECOG.] from the [REC] menu (→20)
Select [MEMORY] with ▲▼, and then press [MENU/SET] 
Select the person whose information you wish to edit or delete
• When an unregistered frame is selected, a new 
registration occurs. 
Select the item 
About settings 
Edit name or other registered information. (→80) 
Set priority order for focus and exposure.
  Select the registration order with ▲▼◄►, and then press [MENU/
Deletes information and face pictures of registered persons.
Press the shutter button halfway to close the menu
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