Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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Recording the place of recording with GPS
Recording Mode: 
Record only (Cannot set)
 Change the recorded place name information
If positioning results and current position are different from each other, or if there are 
other candidate locations, you can change the information to nearby place names or 
Displayed when other location name information can be 
(→20), from the [TRAVEL 
MODE] menu 
Select the item to change 
From the displayed 
candidates, select the 
desired place name or 
landmark to be recorded
Return to the menu screen 
When [GPS SETTING] is set to [ON] or 
In Recording Mode, an icon that indicates the positioning status is displayed on the 
LCD monitor.
Then, if positioning is successful, the location name information is displayed.
Location name 
(5 minutes 
Location name information exists (information 
from the last 5 minutes).
Location name information exists (information 
from 5 minutes to 1 hour ago).
Location name information exists (information 
from 1 hour to 2 hours ago).
Location name information exists (information 
from more than 2 hours ago).
Positioning failed (no location name information).
When using the camera for the first time or after not using it for a while, 
positioning may take several minutes, because it may take some time to 
acquire the orbit information from the GPS satellites.
If positioning is successful, the current position is saved.
However, note that the saved position information is deleted in the following cases:
• When [GPS SETTING] is set to [OFF]
• When [GPS SETTING] is set to 
 and then the camera’s power is turned off
• When the setup settings are reset with [RESET]
In the following cases, the location name information that will be recorded on the 
picture may vary significantly from the current position. Check the location name and 
other information before recording.
• Immediately after turning on the camera’s power  • When the icon is something other than 
Positioning is not performed in the following situations:
• During motion picture recording  • During audio recording
 Information recorded on recorded pictures
When positioning is successful, the current position is saved in the camera and the 
latitude, longitude and location name information are recorded on the recorded still 
pictures and motion pictures recorded in [AVCHD Lite(GPS REC)] or [MOTION JPEG].
Information recorded on recorded pictures
• Latitude/longitude
• Location name information (country or region name/prefecture, state or province name/city or 
town name/landmark name)∗
∗  You can use the camera or the ‘PHOTOfunSTUDIO’ software on the supplied CD-ROM to check 
the recording location of pictures or display them by location of recording.
[GPS SETTING] is not available in the DMC-TZ8/DMC-ZS5.
The location name information consists of location names and landmarks that are 
found via a search of the camera’s database based on the latitude and longitude that 
were acquired in positioning, and the most appropriate items are displayed in the 
following order of priority. (Sometimes the nearest items are not displayed.)
  Landmark names and the corresponding location names within 1 km of the current position
    Location names for places with landmarks or other points of interest within 10 km of the current 
• If there are no location names or landmarks that comply with the conditions above, “---” is 
displayed. Even when “---” is displayed, in some cases location name information can be 
selected in [GPS AREA SELECT].
• In some cases, the landmark that you are looking for may not have been registered. Landmarks 
and other location name information are current as of February 2010. (Landmark types →173)
The location name information (location name or landmark name) may be different 
from the official name.
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