Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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Useful features for travel
Recording Mode: 
∗ Recording only. (Cannot set.)
Record your destination. 
Once the [TRAVEL SETUP] is set, you 
can set the destination. 
Select [LOCATION] in step 
 on the previous page
Select [SET] 
Enter your destination
• Entering text (→113)
Close the menu
Once the [TRAVEL DATE] is set, you can 
set the destination. 
Select [LOCATION] from 
the [TRAVEL MODE] menu 
Select [SET] 
Enter your destination
• Entering text (→113)
Close the menu
• The destination you set is 
displayed on the [TRAVEL 
MODE] menu screen. 
To clear 
In step  , select [OFF] and press [MENU/SET] 
If [TRAVEL SETUP] is recorded, [LOCATION] is recorded at the same time. 
If [TRAVEL DATE] is recorded, [LOCATION] is recorded at the same time. 
It is recorded separately from the place name information recorded for pictures by the 
[LOCATION] cannot be recorded on motion pictures recorded in [AVCHD Lite]. 
To print the destination, either use [TEXT STAMP] or print using the software on the 
supplied CD-ROM ‘PHOTOfunSTUDIO’. 
Set the recording date and time with the local time at your destination. Perform [CLOCK 
SET] in advance. 
Select [WORLD TIME] from 
the [TRAVEL MODE] menu 
be displayed when setting for the first 
time. In this case, press [MENU/SET] 
and skip to step 
Select [HOME]
Set your home area
City/area name
Current time
Difference with GMT 
(Greenwich Mean Time)
• When [HOME] is changed after it has 
already been set, the display returns 
to the [TRAVEL MODE] menu. To 
continue and set [DESTINATION], 
press ►.
Set destination area
Current time at 
selected destination
Difference with 
home time
City/area name
Close the menu
To set summer time
Do this in Step   or   
 (Press again to release)
• When summer time is set in [DESTINATION], the current time is advanced by 1 hour. If the setting 
is cancelled, the time automatically returns to the current time. Even if you set summer time in 
[HOME], current time will not be changed. Please advance the current time by 1 hour in [CLOCK 
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