Panasonic DMC-TZ10 User Manual

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For [REC] menu setting procedures (→20)
Using the [REC] menu
Adjust colouring to suit light source if colours otherwise appear unnatural.
Recording Mode:  
Settings:  [AWB] (automatic) /   (outdoor, clear sky) / 
 (outdoor, cloudy sky) / 
 (outdoor, shade) / 
 (Incandescent lighting) / 
 (uses value set in 
) / 
 (set manually)
[AWB] operational range: 
Cloudy sky (rain)
TV screen
Incandescent lighting
White fluorescent lighting
Blue sky
Pictures may appear red or blue if out of 
range. This function may also not work 
correctly even within range if there are many 
light sources present.
We recommend setting to [AWB] or [
when under fluorescent lighting.
 White Balance fine adjustment (excluding [AWB])
White Balance settings can be individually fine tuned if 
colours still do not appear as anticipated.
  Press ▲ several times until [WB ADJUST.] is displayed.
  Adjust with ► if reds are strong, adjust with ◄ if blues are 
  Press [MENU/SET].
• Settings are remembered even if power is turned off.
Changes to red (blue) when 
making fine adjustment
• Settings remain applied when using flash.
• Even though the [AWB] setting is fixed in [UNDERWATER] Scene Mode, fine 
adjustments may still be made.
• Fine adjustments cannot be made when [COLOR EFFECT] (→104) is set to [B/W], 
[SEPIA], [COOL], or [WARM].
Setting White Balance manually (
 and press [MENU/SET].
  Point the camera towards a white object (e.g. paper) 
and press [MENU/SET].
  Press [MENU/SET].
White Balance is set to 
• Making this setting will reset White Balance fine 
Only takes pictures of white 
objects within frame (step  )
• Even if the camera’s power is OFF, the set White Balance is remembered.
• It may not be possible to set the correct White Balance if subjects are too bright or too 
dark. In this case, adjust the brightness and try to set the White Balance again.
Registering people that appear frequently in your pictures allows them to be given priority 
when aligning focus, and allows all pictures featuring them to be viewed collectively.
For details (→78).
   [AF MODE]
Method of aligning focus can be changed according to position and number of subjects.
Recording Mode:    
Settings:   / 
 /   /   / 
Taking front-on pictures of 
 (Face Detection)
Recognises faces (up to 15 people) and adjusts exposure and 
focus accordingly. When [METERING MODE] (→101) is set to 
AF area
Yellow :  When the shutter button is 
pressed halfway, the frame 
turns green when the camera is 
White :  Displayed when more than one 
face is detected. Other faces 
that are the same distance 
away as faces within the yellow 
AF area are also focused.
• If the [REC] menu’s [FACE RECOG.] is set to [ON], (
Detection) will be set, and focus and exposure will prioritize 
persons whose pictures are often recorded. (→78)
Automatically locking the 
focus on a moving subject
 (AF Tracking)
Align the AF Tracking frame with the subject, and then press ▼.
AF Tracking frame
When the subject is recognised, the AF 
Tracking frame changes from white to 
yellow, and the subject is automatically 
kept in focus.
If AF Lock fails, a red frame flashes.
• To clear AF Lock, press ▼. 
• Focus (same as macro recording)
Max. W: 3 cm (0.10 feet) and above 
Max. T:    1 m (3.28 feet) and above (5 × to 8 × is 2 m to ∞)
Subject not centred 
in picture (AF area not 
displayed until focused)
Automatically focuses on any of 11 points.
AF area