Nikon Coolpix 950 User Manual

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iPIX® Photography with Nikon Digital Cameras
Photography Tips for iPIX Images
Photography Tips for iPIX Images
Composing the Image
Composing an iPIX image involves two major decisions: seam placement 
and image viewpoint. 
First, choose where the seam will fall. For example, if you are shooting a 
living room that features a complex and detailed dried flower arrange-
ment, avoid placing the seam on this area. If you are shooting journalistic 
or action-packed subjects, such as a sporting event, avoid placing the 
seam in the areas where most of the action is taking place.
Second, determine the point of view by deciding where to place the cam-
era and tripod. iPIX images place the viewer in the middle of the picture, 
and can make objects appear farther away than they really are. 
• Don’t place the tripod exactly between two areas of interest in the 
scene. Instead, position the tripod such that an area of interest is in 
the foreground of your scene. 
• Determine the point of view of your shot and adjust the tripod to the 
appropriate height.
• Remember that the fisheye lens has over 180° of coverage. Make sure 
that you remain well behind the tripod when pictures are taken.
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