Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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Using Optional Lenses and Lens Adapters
The camera supports use of the optional Wide Converter WC-DC52 and the optional
Close-up Lens 250D (52 mm). In order to attach either of these options, you also need to
use the optional Conversion Lens Adapter LA-DC52.
• When attaching the wide converter or close-up lens, be sure to screw it on securely. If the
wide converter or close-up lens comes lose it may fall from the camera, posing risk of
injury from shattered glass.
• Never look into the sun or into strong light through the wide converter or the close-up
lens, as this can result in blindness or impairment of vision.
Wide Converter WC-DC52
Use this converter for taking wide-angle
shots. The wide converter changes the focal
length of the camera body’s lens by a factor
of 0.7 (The thread diameter is 52 mm.).
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