Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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Conversion Lens Adapter
LA-DC52 (52 mm)
This optional adapter is
required for attaching the
optional wide converter
and the optional close-up
Close-Up Lens 250D (52 mm)
This lens makes it easy to take macro
shots. With the camera set to Macro mode,
you can use this option to shoot subjects
that are 10 to 25 cm (3.9
to 9.8 in.) at maximum
wide angle and 13 to 25
cm (5.1 to 9.8 in.) at
maximum telephoto from
the lens tip.
• It is not possible to attach a lens hood or
filter to the wide converter.
• If you use the flash when shooting with the
wide converter, the outer area of the
recorded image (and especially the lower
right corner) will come out relatively dark.
• The wide converter blocks part of the view
through the viewfinder.
• When using the wide converter, please set
the camera to maximum wide angle.
Shooting Ranges in Macro Mode
13 cm
36 mm
(5.1 in.)
1.4 in.)
25 cm
61 mm
(9.8 in.)
2.4 in.)
10 cm
80 mm
(3.9 in.)
3.2 in.)
25 cm
173 mm
(9.8 in.)
6.8 in.)
Distance between
Lens tip and Subject Shooting Range
At maximum
At maximum
wide angle
Please do not use the flash when shooting
with this lens.
Dust cap
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