Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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Use this case to protect the camera from
scratches and dust when it is not in use.
• Optional soft case appearance and
specifications may vary according to
Using the Soft Case (Optional)
• Completely remove all dust and dirt from
conversion lenses with a lens blower brush
before use. The camera may focus on any
dirt that remains.
• Exercise due caution when handling the
lenses since it is easy to dirty them with
finger prints.
• Be careful not to drop the camera or
adapter when removing the ring.
• When shooting with these attachments,
please use the LCD monitor to compose
your shots. The attachments block part of
the view through the viewfinder, and the
area shown in the viewfinder does not
match the area of the shot that is actually
• You should not shoot images in 
when using these attachments. Although it
is possible to select this mode at the
camera, the PhotoStitch software will not be
able to stitch the images together at the
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