Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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List of Messages
The following table explains each of the messages that may appear on the LCD monitor.
The camera is writing image data to the CF card (after taking a shot), or reading
image from the card (when getting ready to display it).
No CF card
You attempted to shoot or replay with no CF card installed.
Cannot record!
You attempted to shoot with no CF card installed.
CF card error!
There is something wrong with the CF card. Format it and then diagnose and
repair it with a computer utility such as scandisk.exe.
CF card full
The CF card is too full to store images or accept new print settings.
Naming error!
The camera cannot generate a file name for the image you have shot because
(a) the card already contains a folder having the same name as the file to be
created, or (b) the file number has already reached maximum possible value.
Display the Rec. menu and set [File Number Reset] to [On]. Save all images you
wish to keep into your computer, and reformat the CF card (Please note that
formatting will erase all data in the card.).
The batteries are dead, and the camera can no longer function. Replace with
new or fully recharged batteries (Be sure to replace all batteries at the same
No image
No images recorded on CF card.
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