Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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Mode Dial
You use the mode dial to select the
camera’s operating mode.
The camera automatically makes most of
the settings for you (
 p. 37).
You can adjust the exposure, white
balance, and other settings before shooting
 p. 37).
 (Stitch Assist)
Use this mode when taking shots that you
want to stitch into a panorama (
 p. 49).
• Replay or delete images from the CF card
 pp. 53, 59).
• Download and display images at your
computer (
 p. 87).
• Print images directly to the optional Card
Photo Printer CP-10 (
 p. 69).
• The LCD monitor displays the 
 mark if
the camera is connected to the printer
• The LCD monitor goes off when the camera
is connected to a computer.
The upper indicator comes on when you
turn on the power and whenever you press
the shutter button.
Upper Indicator
Green: Ready to shoot, or ready to
communicate with your computer.
Flashing Green: Camera is busy
processing (starting up; accessing
the CF card, or transmitting data to
your computer).
Orange: Ready to shoot, using the flash.
Flashing Orange: Ready to shoot, but
camera is not steady (This warns
you that the picture may come out
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