Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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Quick Start
Preparing the Camera
Basic Functions
Camera Settings
Connecting Up
A quick introduction intended for new users who want to shoot first and learn more later. Tells
you how to get the camera running and how to begin shooting and playing back images.
Introduces you to all of the camera components, and explains how to load batteries and
insert a CF card.
Explains how to turn the camera on, how to use the viewfinder and LCD monitor, and how to
operate the shutter button and the zoom.
Describes the three different shooting modes, and explains how to set the resolution and
compression, how to use the flash, and how to use the camera’s various shooting features.
Explains how to review recorded images one at a time or in index form, how to rotate them
or magnify them on the display, and more. Also explains how you can protect images.
Explains how to erase recorded images from the CF card.
Explains how to make print settings, and how to print directly to the optional Card Photo
Printer CP-10.
Explains how to make various operational settings: how to format a CF card, how to reset the file
number, how to turn the beep sound off, and more. Also explains how to make other camera settings.
Explains how to transfer recorded images to a computer. Also explains how you can connect
the camera to a TV set.
Explains how to replace the Date battery and how to use various separately sold
accessories, such as the AC Adapter Kit, the Battery and Charger kit, and Wide Converter.
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