Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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The following information may also be
displayed with some images.
: A sound file (WAV file) is attached.
: A sound file in a format other than
the WAV format is attached or the
file format is not recognized.
: A JPEG file not supported by
“Design rule for Camera File system”
: RAW format file.
: Movie file.
: File with unrecognized format.
The image information may not display
correctly if images shot with this camera are
replayed on other cameras or images from
other cameras are replayed on this camera.
Pressing the Shutter Button
The shutter button has a two-step action:
halfway press and full (or all the way)
Pressing halfway
Press the shutter button lightly.
When you press the button
down halfway, the camera
automatically sets the
focus, exposure, and white
balance. When the camera
has finished making these
settings, it beeps twice and the upper indicator
comes on green (
 p. 16).
Pressing fully
Press the shutter button harder.
The camera beeps once
and takes the shot. The
indicator flashes green
while the camera writes the
image data to the CF card.
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