Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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Reviewing an Image
Immediately after Recording It
Images display on the LCD monitor for
approximately 2 seconds immediately after
recording even if you release the shutter
button (You can change the time to display
the image. 
 p. 79). Images can also be
reviewed with the following procedures.
Keep the shutter button down.
If you continue to press the shutter button
fully after shooting, the image will display
until the button is released (
 p. 30).
Recorded images are temporarily stored in
the camera’s internal memory and then
written to the CF card. The next image can be
recorded immediately after the first as long
as sufficient internal memory is available.
Press the SET button.
If you press the SET button while
continuing to press the shutter button fully,
it will continue to display even when you
release the shutter button. To cancel the
review, press the shutter button halfway
 p. 15).
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