Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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Using the Zoom
The zoom can be adjusted to any setting in
the 35 to 105 mm range in 35 mm film
equivalent terms.
Telephoto/Wide Angle
Digital Zoom
When the LCD monitor is on, you can
digitally zoom in on a subject with the zoom
button once it is at the maximum optical
telephoto setting. Images can be zoomed
up to 6 times (PowerShot A10), 7.5 times
(PowerShot A20), which combines the
effect of the optical zoom.
 button:  Press this
button to zoom in for a
telephoto shot.
 button:  Press this
button to zoom out for a
wide-angle shot.
Hold down the 
until the camera stops
zooming in.
Now press and hold the
 button again. The
camera zooms in further.
To zoom back out, press
The displayed zoom
setting is the combined
effect of the optical and
digital zooms.
x 7.5
Note that the image appears grainier, the
more the image is digitally zoomed.
The digital zoom is not available in the 
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